Lev is bringing the disconnected pieces together.

Since starting Break The Rules where I bring on people from the “very online” sphere alongside those living more in the “real” world, the goal has been to bridge the cultural divides for the sake of wisdom to get us through the future.

Unfortunately this has proven to not be the case in recent decades as Academia and corporate media have become some of the most closed minded epicenters of a culture that has the potential to drag down the West if not checked.

I’ll be taking a critical lens at what is going on today in order to understand what awaits us tomorrow, as well as preparing alternatives in time to address these coming changes by those willing to stand up for their principles.

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Lev Polyakov, host of the Break The Rules livestream, takes a high powered lens to the cultural & political issues growing out of our schools to figure out a way we can break through the culture war to a higher level of understanding reality.


Animation Director, creator & host Break the Rules: http://breaktherules.tv/