It's like what Konstantin Kisin said around the time the war began -to paraphrase, "sure the mainstream media lies -but doesn't mean everything is a lie -or that Russia is telling the truth."

This is sad for me, because I have literally lived to see a day where "America First" types are cheerleading Russia's invasion of Ukraine, welcome a "Based Chinese" invasion of "fake and Gay Taiwan" (I've been to Taiwan and its a lovely place), post "chad Taliban" memes, and think North Korea is a "trad" country -as opposed to "cringe K-Pop Land." I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm not far off. And -like you said, it's because these people literally believe that "enemy of my enemy" fallacy. I hate to say this, but it's mostly because Trump's not in office -though there were bits of this line of thought even when he was.

But it definitely has been magnified.

And I was literally one of those people two years ago -when we were coming off of COVID, George Floyd, the 2020 election, etc. I was in lockstep with the views of a lot of these "Dissident Right" thinkers --if we can call them that. Like you I still hold a lot of value in their critiques of modernity, and the Progressive consensus that seems to be pushing Western Civilization towards a slow, painful oblivion. But their takes on foreign policy are just laughably inept. It really has "purity spiraled" from "The Globalists/Davos," to "deepstate," to "The Cathedral" (remember that) to plain old America (GAE) bad...which -given your background, might be a blessing as they've downplayed their rhetoric against their go-to scapegoat.

Good article, Lev.

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Nice summary. I think it’s possible to be against US involvement in the war and not be a “Russia-stan.” It’s also possible to be a Russia fan-boy for its culture, art, literature, etc. without supporting the current regime. I can tell it’s not always a popular line to hold Lev, so I appreciate you sincerely arguing what you believe.

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