Over time I've come to the view that most of these "useful idiots" are less blind to the truth -or severity of their actions, and more simply acting in bad faith. Regarding the previous article, I commented citing the blanket "I'm not Pro-Russia, but-" statement that is often used. However, most of these people ARE just pro-Russia.

For example, only a complete moron (which is a lot of the MAGA/Q-anon crowd being courted by the "Freedom" Caucus) would unironically think that enforcing our nation's laws --and deporting illegal immigrants, is mutually exclusive with aid to Ukraine. That is we can only have one, but not the other. If that we only stopped funding Ukraine's defense -the Biden Administration would be free to secure the border, more of your tax dollars would be in your pockets, and that gas/food prices (and inflation in general) would magically disappear

Or that the Republicans -or Trump, if he wins in '24 would magically end the war (probably by defunding Ukraine and forcing them into a defacto surrender to Russia), while securing the border that he very much DIDN'T secure during his previous four year tenure as President.

I honestly believe if you were to offer Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, or MTG everything they wanted -strict border enforcement (which I'm 100% behind, btw), lower taxes, and a magical "anti-inflammatory" pill, in exchange for their support of aiding Ukraine -they wouldn't balk...and that's because at the end of the day most of them actually are just Pro-Russia, simple as. They don't really care about illegals -its good for business after all, nor do they care about anything else. They have become pro-Russia either for financial incentives (just look at Tucker -if you want to know why he simps so hard for Viktor Orban, look no further than his father's financial ties to Hungary), or because they genuinely fell for the Russian Propaganda -believing Putin's Russia to be a bulwark of Christian-Conservative values, against the "woke."

Sadly, the leadership in the West does little to dispel these misconceptions. A good indicator is to watch TV commercials from America and other Western Countries (its a hobby of mine), and you can see the Pozz playing out in real time. Almost makes you want to go fight for Russia, just to spite them. The whole "No Russian ever called me an [incel/racist/whatever]," argument.

Look at most of the "commentariat" on the "dissident right" and tell me they're not pro-Russia. I used to be pro-Russia myself -I'll admit it. Most of them backtrack on openly admitting it -just like they backtrack on the "Austrian Painter," but that's the rub. These people will be the first to act outraged over the standing ovation for the "Ukrainian SS" guy, or will obfuscate their intentions by saying they "support innocent Ukrainians & Soldiers" -that are being "exploited by the Zalenskyy regime." All while telegraphing their undying ire at the "Ukrainian Nazi terrorists -like that certain Regiment I will not name" (AZOV) that the Russians are merely "protecting innocent people from," (these are actual common opinions -btw). These same people -if you actually asked them what they think about WWII -or who they think controls the "GAE Regime", you'd get an interesting answer.

Keep in mind a lot of these people believe that Germany was defending itself when it invaded Poland in 1939 -that its was forced into it by an insidious Britain and France, who were so unreasonable not to just hand over Danzig to Germany -just as they did the Sudetenland (and basically all of Czechoslovakia). And we can recall the same arguments being used back then -echoing now. The same calls for "pacifism" or "minding our own business," all while conveniently blaming the victim and simultaneously failing to condemn the aggressor. Most of these types had ulterior motives then as well, and hid their true intentions behind false morality and ethics.

So, we shouldn't even give them even the slightest inch by entertaining descriptors of "pacifist," "anti-war,"or even useful idiots (especially because they know what they do). These are just the masks they wear (and I think you understand this as well). They are no more "pacifist" than they are "America First" -or "pro border security." They are Pro-Russia, simple as.

Rant over.

FYI: this doesn't apply to the common voter -who is merely ignorant, and to be honest -has little agency other than to parrot talking points and pull a lever come election day.

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very interesting i dont know much about history but can you point to or explain the financial ties to Hungary that was on a belief of propaganda .. cuz i do know psychology very well

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Short Version, Tucker's dad -Dick Carlson worked very closely as an public relations advisor for Viktor Orban.

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Neither Russia or China are a threat to the US, both are a threat to US hegemony which isn’t the same thing. And if the US wants to continue to be an empire it needs more people, probably 500 million by mid C.

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Very strange you say that considering the us has most the smart people native an immigrant top military top tech so on an so forth 🤔 we just won the energy war an while every one is going to the moon will be on Mars shortly.. but maybe your right

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