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I thought Elon’s father was part of the Rothschild/Rhodes diamond extraction operations in South Africa? Or at least tangentially. Maybe there was some bad “blood” between the Musks and the diamond merchants, just speculating. There is also the possibility that Elon is just retarded. On the broader topic, I only know one person who even has a clue about the history of jews in Europe and he studied history at university. So unfortunately, most people online now will be introduced to Jew-blaming grievance politics, rather than a discussion of the sort that cannot happen online because of idiots like Greenblatt. Have you ever considered that “integration” to many right wing zionists is considered genocide and people like Greenblatt are there to stoke these resentments? A constant antagonism to herd Jews back into their “ghettos?” Just a thought, tough discussion topic and keep up the fight, cheers!

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